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Southwest Pendant Tutorial




Make a statement with this large and intricate looking cabochon based Southwest Pendant project.  The beauty of this design is the use of the same pattern used in a reduction of bead sized based on the cabochon that is being bezeled using Hubble stitch.  


1. Cut a 4 foot piece of size 6 DragonThread and add a size 12 needle onto the end of your thread.  Start creating a Hubble Stitch bezel for your 25mm cabochon using 12 units of 8/0 seed beads.  


2. Watch the Southwest Pendant video to see how to continue creating your bezel around the 25mm cabochon and then converting to 11/0 seed beads to start the hubble stitch on the 18mm, smaller cabochon.  


3. After finishing the 25mm and the 18mm cabochon bezel, sew the two together with the addition of Potomac Pearls in a 3mm size.  Lastly, create the bezel using a square stitch featuring 8/0 seed beads.  


This video project tutorial is perfect to learn how to down grade the size of seed beads to continue to use the exact same patterns and counts to create a hubble stitch bezel around glass cabochons.  Change us the design to use a rivoli crystal and make this a glamorous statement piece pendant.  The joy of this project if the ease of creating and fitting your cabochon into a bezel.