With the closure of magazines and tradeshows, designers need a space to share their work.
PotomacBeads is committed to giving you just that; a space in which your fabulous creations will be noticed!

Submit a design for consideration, and if chosen, it will be made into a video tutorial for YouTube where thousands of fellow beaders will have the chance to see and make your creation. Your pattern will also be hosted on our website, where you will be exposed to thousands of like-minded jewelry makers on a daily basis.

Guidelines for Submission

PotomacBeads is a community of online beaders and jewelry makers from across the globe. By submitting designs for consideration, you are sharing your expertise with thousands of daily visitors and like-minded individuals!

How to Submit Your Original Beaded How-To Projects:

Click on "Submit Design" below to fill out a form. Make sure to include a photo, pattern, and name of the piece. We ask that you also submit a materials list with manufacturer information, as we will not consider designs that use rare, or hard to find supplies.

We accept many different styles of beaded projects, including but not limited to beadweaving, stringing, and bead embroidery. We will have our team evaluate each piece on uniqueness, creativity, and ability to reproduce. If your design is accepted for consideration, we will then ask you to send in a finished piece so the design can be re-evaluated for the ability to reproduce, as well as craftsmanship and originality.

After your design has been chosen, you will be notified via email and be sent a Contributor Agreement for you to sign and remit.

Production schedules are subject to change and we will try our best to notify you of any changes prior to the video publish date.

A link to your website will be included in the description of the YouTube channel. The video will also be hosted on PotomacBeads.com, and your bio and photo will be included on the video page.


What does the team look for in projects?
We choose beadweaving, bead embroidery, and bead stringing projects that combine materials and bead shapes in original ways. We will only accept projects using materials that can be easily obtained or substituted.

Any other considerations?
A balanced, original design that may challenge our community, while still giving the satisfaction of a well-executed project. We also give preference to well-made pieces and avoid pieces that are not stitched in a quality the PotomacBeads family has come to expect.

What should I avoid when submitting my original work for consideration?
Projects are less likely to be accepted if they use white or transparent beads, as these are difficult to photograph. We will also not consider pieces that use glue versus thread to connect beads - unless, of course, you are adhering crystals to a setting.

I worked hard on my finished piece, can I get it back?
Of course! We will always return finished pieces and will never copy any designs that have not been chosen for publication.

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