Brilliant Bezel Pendant Tutorial



  • Brilliant Bezel Pendant - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Learn how to bezel an 18mm rivoli crystal with the use of size 8 and size 11 seed beads. This crystal pendant project uses hubble stitch and netting to create the perfect Brilliant Bezel.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare the Bezel Base: Start with a loop of 12 primary color 8/0 seed beads, adding one secondary color bead for learning purposes. First Hubble Stitch Round: Using 8/0 seed beads, create Hubble stitch units around the loop, adding an 11/0 seed bead between each unit. Second Hubble Stitch Round: Transition to 11/0 seed beads for a tighter round, pulling the bezel inwards, and use 15/0 seed beads between units to secure the rivoli crystal. Tightening the Bezel: Add two 15/0 seed beads between the top 11/0 beads of the second Hubble stitch round to tighten the bezel around the crystal. Decorating the Outer Edge: Embellish the outer edge with 2 or 3mm crystals, using 15/0 seed beads to attach each crystal. Attaching the Loop Bail: Secure the loop bail to the back of the pendant for a polished finish.

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