Over the Top Neckalce Tutorial

Over the Top Necklace Tutorial

Are you ready to begin breaking boundaries into the year 2021? Go on a right angle weave adventure with Allie as she shows how to intricately create her Over the Top Necklace design featuring Czech Pearls and Czech Round Beads. Bring all the pizzazz you want by keeping your own creation simple or make it more complex by adding the Potomac Crystal Round Allie suggests. Gather up all the necessary materials and enjoy the experience!


The Designer’s suggested colors and materials:
Czech Pearl 8mm - Dark Sienna, 14 Beads Czech Round Beads 6mm - Aztec Gold, 32 Beads Czech Round Beads 4mm - Aztec Gold, ~ 80 Beads Potomac Crystal 2mm - Metallic Purple Iris, ~ 150 Beads Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 - Duracoat Galvanized Gold, ~ 3 grams Cup Button - Amethyst, 1 Button