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Iris Flower Earrings Tutorial

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Looking for a fun and colorful project to take on? Lookno further than the Iris Flower Earrings tutorial fromPotomacBeads. With just a little time and some basicsupplies, you can create a charming pair of earrings tomatch any outfit.

  1. Using a size 12needle, thread on 6 IrisDuo beadsand put them at the end of the thread. Tie a knotinto the thread forming a flower shape. Step up tothe second hole of the IrisDuo, add the second colorof IrisDuo with four 15/0s and fill in the spaces ofthe original beads.

  2. Step up again to add a 15/0 and two IrisDuos to theoutside edge. Watch the Iris Flower Earrings tutorialto see how Tereza does it.

  3. Add the original colored IrisDuos to the outside tocreate the petals. Add an earwire to one of thepoints. Tie offthe thread and burn the edges down.

Looking for a fun and easy project to make your own unique jewelry? Look no further than these Iris Flower Earrings! These earrings are simple to make and can be customized to match any outfit or season by changing up the colors used. All you need to get started is a few basics supplies found at PotomacBeads.