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  • Stackable Wire Gemstone Bangle - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Beaded bracelets are not always just woven with only beads, they can be made with stunning gemstones and wire! In this wire working tutorial, Allie teaches us step-by-step how to combine new Gemstone Pebbles with Potomax Wire to create this trendy Stackable Wire Gemstone Bangle Bracelets! Project Length: 8 inches Tehnique Learned: Wire Working The designer's suggested colors & materials: - Potomax Wire 18G - Silver, ~12 Inches - Potomax Jeweler's Wire 28G - Silver, ~3 Feet - Gemstone Pebble Beads 6-8mm - Labradorite, ~12 Beads Second Colorway: - Potomax Wire 18G - Silver, ~12 Inches - Potomax Jeweler's Wire 24G - Silver, ~2 Feet - Gemstone Pebble Beads 6-8mm - Peru Amazonite, ~12 Beads Third Colorway: No colorway specified in the HTML.

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Practice up your wire working skills with this PotomacBeads tutorial. Learn how to simply create the fashionable Stackable Wire Gemstone Bangle.
1.Cut 12 inches of 18ga wire. Leaving about an inch tail, use pliers to bend the wire into a little loop. Hold the loop with the pliers and coil the tail around the base of the loop. Trim the end. Add a seed bead and slide it down to the loop.
2.Watch the Stackable Wire Gemstone Bangle tutorial to see how Allie uses wire to space the beads apart on the bangle bracelet.
3.Once the beads are all in position, add a last seed bead. Use pliers to bend the wire 90 degrees at the bead. Bend the wire over a sharpie to get a round loop. Use the pliers to create a little teardrop shape at the end of the loop, forming a hook.
The Stackable Wire Gemstone Bangle is so fun and easy to make, you’ll want to make a whole pile of them. You can use your favorite gemstones to mix and match for the perfect look.
Project Length: 8 inches
Technique Learned: Wire Working

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