Bird’s Nest Pendant Tutorial



  • How to Make a Bird's Nest Pendant (Wire Working 455)
This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you how to make a simple bird's nest pendant using your choice of wire and beads. This is a fun, but quick and easy project. Enjoy!

Materials Used To make The  Project

Designer's Material List

The designer's suggested colors & materials: •Gemstones - Blue Banded Agate Round Beads 6mm, 6 Beads •Potomax Jeweler's Wire 24 Gauge Round - Non-Tarnish Copper, 6 Feet •Earwires With Balls - Premium Antique Copper Plating 2 Pieces Secondary Colorway: •Gemstones - Amazonite Round Beads 6mm, 4 Beads •Potomax Jeweler's Wire 24 Gauge Round - Non-Tarnish Silver, 3 Feet Third Colorway: •Gemstones - Purple Impression Stone Round Beads 6mm, 3 Beads •Potomax Jeweler's Wire 24 Gauge Round - Vintage Bronze, 3 Feet

Step-By-Step Instructions

Twist 24 gauge, thin craft wire around beads to create a bird's nest pendant and pair of earrings. Pick birthstones to enhance and make your nest a personalized Mother's gift. Increase the gauge of the wire for a heavier look to use as an ornament or present topper.
1. Cut a 3 foot piece of 24 gauge Potomac Craft Wire and add on your 3-4 beads in 6mm or 8mm.
2. Create a triangle with your beads by twisted the wire together and then wrap the remaining wire around the outside of the beads. Continue to watch the Bird's Nest Earring video to see the exact amount of wire to leave on each end of the initial triangle.
3. When you have 1 inch of wire remaining, simply curl the ends around the short wire at the top. Make a coiled eye pin at the top of the pendant/earring to create a bail. Add an ear wire to the loop or a leather-finished necklace.
This video is a re-do of a 10-year-old video showing how to easily turn wire around beads to create a nice organic look of a bird's nest with beads in the middle. Choose antique brass wire or copper for a natural, stick look that accentuates and makes your beads the focus.

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