Royal Matters Earrings Tutorial



  • Royal Matters Earrings- DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
The Royal Matters Crystal Stud Earrings are a matching pair for the Royal Matters Necklace published in February 2019 by PotomacBeads. These regal earrings use Potomac Crystals Disco Balls, Rondelles and Rounds, plus seed beads. They don't use a lot of materials and would be great to use up any beads you may have in your beading and jewelry making stash!

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Designer's Material List

The Designer's suggested colors and materials:
  • Potomac Crystal Disco Balls 6mm - Metallic Purple Iris, ~8 Pieces
  • Potomac Crystal Rounds 2mm - Alexandrite AB, ~26 Pieces
  • Potomac Crystal Rondelles 2x3mm - Fern Green AB, ~8 Pieces
  • Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 - Galvanized Yellow Gold, ~1 Gram
  • Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 - Galvanized Smoky Mauve, ~24 Pieces
  • Earring Stud Posts, ~1 Pair
  • Step-By-Step Instructions

    Begin with four disco ball crystals each separated by an 11, 15, 11 pattern. Tie the beads into a loop. Go through one of the crystals and begin the back of the earring by threading on four 15s, one 11 and four 15s. Go back through the same crystal and then through the 11's beside it. Repeat four times to create the four petals on the outside of the royal earrings. Bring all the petals into the center by sewing through the 11s in the middle of each strip. Position the earwire into the middle of the disco ball beads and pull the thread tight. Reinforce by going back through the 11s. Bring the needle back to the front of the project. Circle around the disco balls again by using three 15s, a rondelle and three more 15s. Bring in the four rows by sewing through the four rondelles to pull them to the center. Decorate the outer edge with crystal rounds. The Royal Matters Earrings are a great way to add a little bit of personality to your jewelry collection. You can use different color beads to create a unique look. You can also add charms or other embellishments to personalize your earrings. If you're looking for a matching set, be sure to check out the Royal Matters Necklace.

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