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  • Orion Earrings- DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
In this video tutorial from PotomacBeads, Allie teaches you how to make her seed bead only Orion Earrings. You can turn this component into earrings, or link them together to make a bracelet or necklace. This is a perfect project for beginning beaders or those new to jewelry making. Technique Learned: Netting

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Making jewelry is a fun and easy way to show your personality. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make a pair of earrings that are perfect for any occasion. Using only seed beads, you can easily make these starry Orion Earrings. Start with five feet of thread and a size 12 or 10 needle. Thread on four 11/s and 8/s in a pattern. Take the needle back through the first six beads and pull into a circle. Add a 15, 11 and 15 and go back down through the 8/0. Add the same three beads to the top of each of the 8's in the circle. Start the peyote stitch by adding more seed beads around the outside. Watch the Orion earrings tutorial with Allie and she will guide you through the process. Flatten out the project to make sure the thread isn't pulling too tight, then bring the thread ends together and knot them. Attach the earwire to the top. These earrings can easily be used as component pieces to create a bracelet or necklace. Once you've mastered the Orion earrings, the sky's the limit! Use your new skills to create earrings that are uniquely you. Go bold with bright colors or keep it simple with classic neutrals. The choice is yours! PotomacBeads has everything you need to create your own one-of-a-kind earrings. We have a huge selection of beads in every color, shape, and size imaginable, so you can let your creativity run wild!

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