Crystal Nest Bracelet Tutorial



  • Crystal Nest Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Allie from PotomacBeads designs the blingy Crystal Nest Bracelet with PotomacBeads newest beads, the OvalDuo and Tubelets. She also uses Potomac Crystals and Miyuki Seed Beads in this project. This daily video is going to be approachable for beginning beaders, but will still be fun to make for experienced beaders. Technique Learned: RAW

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Learn how to use a Right Angle Weave to create the Crystal Nest Bracelet in this PotomacBeads tutorial. You will be surprised how simple this elegant design actually is to complete.
1.Glue the Potomac crystal flatback ovals into the OvalDuos being careful not to get any extra glue into the holes.
2.Pick up 4 OvalDuos with an 8/0 separating each one, add a last 8/0 at the end and tie the beads into a loop. Step up to the exterior by bringing the thread up to the second hole of an OvalDuo. Add a tubelet with an 11/0 on either side in between each OvalDuo. Watch the Crystal Nest Bracelet tutorial see how Allie decorates the corner of the box and connects the components together in the beaded bracelet.
3.Add a clasp to the end of the last box. Bring the thread out of the end seed beads, add an 8/0 and thread through a loop in the 3 Strand Tube Clasp and back through the seed beads. Complete the next two loops in the same manner, making sure that the clasp is centered with the project.
This colorful Crystal Nest Bracelet is a nice blingy, crystal bracelet that’s got a heavier jewelry look and feel. You’ll love the glitter it brings to your outfits.

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