Crystal 2 Layer Flower Bracelet Tutorial



  • Crystal 2 Layer Flower Bracelet (Reversible) - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
This tutorial from PotomacBeads shows how to make the Swarovski (or Preciosa or Gobi) 2 Layer Flower Bracelet. This is a reversible bracelet using 4mm crystals and 11/0 seed beads. Enjoy!

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

The bright colors of the crystals sparkle in the light making this Crystal 2 Layer Flower Bracelet the perfect accent piece to wear with your favorite outfit.
Using two size 10 needles on about 6 feet of .006 Wildfire beading thread, pick up a clasp and let it drop to the middle of the thread. Add on 2 seed beads to each needle and let the beads drop down. Put the needles together and stick them through a crystal. Add another crystal on each needle followed by a seed bead.
Watch the Crystal 2 Layer Flower Bracelet tutorial to see how to create the ‘O’ sections of the bottom layer. Add the other end of the clasp when you’ve reached the desired length.
Create flowers with Potomac crystal bicones criss crossed over top of the Os. Reinforce the first clasp when you get to the end. Tie the threads together in a couple knots and trim the ends. Put a dab of glue on the knot.
The Crystal 2 Layer Flower Bracelet pattern can easily be changed into a festive ornament depending on the colors of crystals you choose to use. It would make a great gift for those who love a little bling.

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