Classic Link and Charm Necklace Tutorial



  • Classic Link and Charm Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Wire working is a breeze, and this video helps you to perfect your skills and create building blocks to add together in a sophisticated approach. Learn how to create coiled eye pins, open jump rings, make pearl charms and also your own handmade clasp.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Creating the Links: Cut a piece of 20-gauge wire (~8 inches) and use round nose and chain nose pliers to form a loop at one end. Coil the wire around the neck of the loop, add a bead, and repeat the coiling on the other end to create a link.
Adding Beads to Links: Use labradorite pebble beads for an organic look. The size of the bead will determine the overall length of your necklace.
Making Pearl Charms: For each link created, add three Potomac pearls to head pins. Create a coiled eye pin at the top of each pearl charm.
Assembling the Necklace: Use jump rings to connect the links and attach pearl charms. Ensure that all components are facing the correct direction for uniformity.
Creating the Clasp: Use a 5-inch piece of 20-gauge wire to create a handmade clasp, ensuring it matches the aesthetic of the necklace.
Final Assembly: Connect all components, including the handmade clasp, to complete your necklace.

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