Delica Chevron Peyote Bookmark Tutorial



  • Delica Chevron Peyote Bookmark - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Join Allie in brushing up or learning your Peyote Stitch skills, and make the fanciest bookmark your books have ever seen. Gather a selection of Miyuki 11/0 Delica beads and one Miyuki 11/0 seed bead and stitch along. If you want to draw your design before stitching it together, downloadable pattern papers are available. Technique learned: Peyote Stitch

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Learn how to use a Peyote stitch to make chevron patterned strips and how to attach them together in this PotomacBeads tutorial. The Delica Chevron Peyote Bookmark is a fun project to create using Delica beads. 1. Put a stop bead onto the end of about 5 feet of thread. Pick up 8 Delicas in the first color. Pick up the second color of Delica and skip over bead 8 and sew into bead 7. Continue with the Peyote stitch. 2. Watch the Delica Chevron Peyote Bookmark tutorial to follow along as Allie shows you how to create the pattern used in the peyote stitched strips. 3. Use seed beads to sew the peyote strips together. Add the seed beads in between the delicas in the last row. Line up the strips to continue the pattern. Add a second row of 15/0s. Tie the threads off and hide in the project. Burn any lose edges throughout. Add some leather to the ends of the Delica Chevron Peyote Bookmark for a new look. It can also be made into a wrap bracelet by adding a Potomax long oval clasp to the ends. Either variation would make a great gift this holiday season. Technique learned: Peyote Stitch

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