Colorful Bloom Necklace Tutorial



  • Colorful Bloom Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Combine ladder stitch and also fringe to create the Color Bloom Necklace featured in the Potomac Beads Subscription Kit box this June. Use the techniques learned in this design to create a matching bracelet, earrings, and also decor. Let Allie teach you the step by step methods to create this simple but complex look design.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Learn the basics of ladder stitching while creating an open design look by skipping rows and counting to five. If you have counted to 5 you can make this project. While advancing your ladder skills, also learn to create and add beads to the top in a fringe design. 1. Cut a piece of DragonThread into a 5 foot piece using your thread burner and then attach a size 10 beading needle onto the end. Add a stop bead and then follow it with two size 8 seed beads. Add a 15/0 then 2 more 8/0 seed beads and another 15/0 seed bead and go back through your first 2 beads. 2. Watch the Colorful Bloom Necklace and see how to expand the ladder stitch by adding more beads as well as reduce and leave open a keyhole in the middle. 3. After completing your 2 sides of your necklace, join them in the middle and add fringe there also. Add your Claspgarten clasp to the end of the design and wear your new necklace! The Colorful Bloom Necklace is a great addition to your jewelry box as well as your skills. Learning the basics of ladder stitch is a helpful way to problem solve and learn additional ways to end your designs. Wear your Dragonfly Garden Earrings with your new ColorFul Bloom Necklace. Project Length: 22"

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