Looking for something bold and beautiful, but easy to make? The Crystal Lariat Necklace features our new Potomac Crystal Sunflowers, Potomac Crystal Cosmic Ring, and Potomac Crystal Bicones 3mm. Allie uses Artwire and Headpins to secure these beautiful beads and create this brilliant necklace. Perfect for beginners and seasoned beaders alike, this piece will shine all year long.

The Designer's suggested colors and materials for an ~ 30 inch (~76.2cm) necklace:

●Potomac Crystal Sunflowers - Violet, 2 Beads
●Potomac Crystal Bicones 3mm,~ 40 Beads
●Potomac Crystal Cosmic Ring 14mm - Paradise Shine, 1 Piece
●Head Pin 24g 2" - Silver Plated, ~ 10
●Italian Chain - Hammered Chase 2x2mm, ~ 3 Feet
●Artwire 24 guage - Non Tarnish Silver, ~ 3 Feet