Another bead embroidery masterpiece by Tereza, the Sparkling Rose Pendant would be perfect jewelry for any bride. This pendant can also be made into a broach and it uses a Lunasoft Cabochon, Rosetta Cabochons, Potomac Crystal Bezeled Rivolis, Cup Chain and Miyuki Seed Beads.

The Designer's suggested colors and materials:

●Lunasoft 24 mm Watermelon, 1 Pieces
●Delica 11/0 - DC Op Raspberry,~ 1 Gram
●Miyuki Seed Beads Labrador Full 11/0, ~ 1 Gram
●Miyuki Seed Beads Labrador Full 15/0, ~ 1 Gram
●Cup Chain Crystal Silver SS12,~ 10 cm
●PC Bezeled Chatons SS28 Crystal, 9 Pieces
●Rosetta Cabs - Pastel Raspberry/Pastel Pink, 18 Pieces
●Art Leather, Silver
●Beading Foundation
●Czech Pearls 6 mm - Bright White Shiny (Optional),~ 150 Pieces
●Silk Cord 6 White (Optional),1 pack
●Clasp SP CG Pearl Basket Rectangle (Optional),1 Pieces
●SP Knot covers (Optional), 12 Pieces
●SP open Jump Rings (Optional), 12 Pieces