RounDuo Beads

RounDuo® Beads

These lovely, pearl-like beads are one of the favorites at Potomac Beads. RounDuos offer an incredible range to bead weaving and stringing designs that were never possible with single- holed round beads. Bead weavers enjoy their simple shape and the ease that comes while working with them. Made of machine pressed Czech glass, RounDuo beads come in many colors and finishes, ranging from basic opaques, shimmers, and pastels to high-shine metallics, picassos, and magics. With so many colors to choose from, you will feel motivated and inspired to create! Whether you’re beadweaving or doing embroidery, you will find that these beads offer special highlights in your designs.
Details:    ●Size: 5mm    ●Holes: 2  ●Shape: Round  ●Country of Origin: Czech Republic    ●Material: Czech Glass  ●Sold by: Packs of 75 or 300 beads