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Potomac Crystal Rivoli 12mm

Crystal rivoli beads size 12mm from Potomac Bead Company's "Potomac Crystal" in size 12mm, made to be used as gorgeous and brilliant centerpieces, pendants, beadweaving projects,and more. These beautiful high-quality crystals are designed to work with any project or pattern calling for a Swarovski Rivolie #1122.  PotomacBeads has dozens of different tutorials, projects, and patterns using crystal riviolis.

Potomac Crystal Rivolis - Crystal AB 12mm Pack of 2
2.29 2.29 USD 2.29 In Stock
Potomac Crystal Rivoli 12mm, these crystals have no holes and will be used in a variety of bead weaving and wire working techniques. Each crystal also features foiled hematite back to increase the reflection and light.

Find dozens of free tutorials using Potomac Crystal Rivoli 12mm on, and hundreds of more Potomac Crystal Rivoli 12mm beading patterns from various designers around the world.

Create fun and unique designs , or couple with the Potomac Crystal Rivoli 12mm for even more fun! Sold by the pack of 2 and factory pack of 20.


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