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PotomacBeads Live!

PotomacBeads has always been more than just a retailer. Over the years, we have shifted from hosting events in stores to producing live events over online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Here, you can find all the information on when we go live, which platforms we go live on, and what live events we have coming up.

Live Sale with Allie & Anna 7-9PM

Ornament Making & Holiday Ideas

When: November 24, 2023 1PM EST

Where: YouTube

Peridot earrings

Facebook Live - Quick Gift Ideas

When: November 28, 2023 1PM EST

Where: Facebook

Allie Live on Twitch at 1PM

Allie Live on Twitch

When: November 30, 2023 1PM EST

Where: Twitch

Live Sale with Allie & Anna 7-9PM

New & Limited Evening Live Sale

When: December 13, 2023 7PM EST

Where: Live Sale Site

Join Allie for the Live Sale at 1PM

New & Limited Live Sale

When: December 19, 2023 1PM EST

Where: Live Sale Site

Join Allie on Twitch Live at 1PM

Allie LIVE on Twitch

When: December 21, 2023 1PM EST

Where: Live Sale Site

Facebook Live

Every Tuesday, at 1pm EST Allie is live on the PotomacBeads Facebook page. Follow this page for live notification and Facebook Live Event announcements!

YouTube Live

While there are several tutorials a week uploaded to the PotomacBeads YouTube channel, there is a live unboxing of the monthly subscription box at 1pm EST on the Friday after the box ships!

Twitch Streams

Once a week, Allie streams on Twitch for a relaxed and personable crafting experience. Join her every Thursday at 1pm EST, but follow the PotomacBeads Twitch channel for live notifications!

YouTube Live Events

The PotomacBeads YouTube channel is a great place to find all of the Free Video Tutorials and where you can find us live every month!

These live events are where Anna and Allie unbox the monthly Subscription Boxes in a Design Live Challenge! Check out this video from October's unboxing!

Facebook Live Events

Facebook is home to a couple of our incredible online communities like the Beading and Jewelry-Making group in addition to the PotomacBeads company page. Follow us on the company page for information on Live Sale events and updates on the weekly Live streams!

Every Tuesday at 1pm EST, there is a Facebook Live event on the PotomacBeads page! This can range from classes, tutorials, or fun design competitions with the PotomacBeads staff.