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Miyuki Seed Beads - Duracoat Galvanized Magenta 15-4219
3.99 3.99 USD 4.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki SB Duracoat Galv Magenta 15/0
SuperDuo Beads - Aluminum Silver 2.5x5mm
7.40 7.4 USD 7.40 In Stock
SuperDuo Duets Aluminum Silver
Miyuki Seed Beads - Silver Lined Crystal 15/0
3.19 3.19 USD 3.99 (20% OFF) In Stock
Miyuki Seed BeadSilver Lined CrystalLike D
Potomac Crystal Cube Beads - Lt Tanzanite AB 3mm
5.99 5.99 USD 5.99 In Stock
Potomac Crystal Cube Beads 3mm. This beautiful cut crystal shape reflects back light from precision facets. This cube shape is designed to work with any patterns calling for a Swarovski 5601 Cube Beads. Whether you are stringing or weaving, Potomac Crystal Cube beads will catch eyes and enhance your designs!

Find dozens of free tutorials using Potomac Crystal Cube Beads 3mm on, and hundreds of more Potomac Crystal Cube Beads 3mm beading patterns from various designers around the world.

Create fun and unique designs , or couple with the Potomac Crystal Cube Beads 3mm for even more fun! Sold by the pack of 100.
Potomac Crystal Rivolis - Colorshift Sphinx 14mm
2.79 2.79 USD 2.79 Out of Stock
Potomac Crystal Rivoli Colorshift Sphinx 14mm

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