Art Deco Tiffany Style Cup Chain Ring Tutorial



  • Art Deco Pendant (or earrings) - Part 1
  • Art Deco Pendant or (earrings) - Part 2
  • Art Deco Pendant (or earrings) - Part 3
This video (designed and filmed by Beading for Perfectionist's Gianna Zimmerman) teaches how to make her "Art Deco Pendant/Earrings" design, using a variety of products, including cup buttons, crystal rivolis, Miyuki seed beads, and more. Enjoy this exquisite design!

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare Your Materials: Gather cup buttons, crystal rivolis, Miyuki seed beads, cotton thread, scissors, a wide-eyed needle, tape, and a 25mm closed ring.
Macrame Basics: Start with the macrame technique using three colored threads to understand the basic knots.
Apply Macrame to the Ring: Use the macrame technique on a 25mm ring, securing it with tape at your work area's edge.
Thread and Bead Preparation: Cut an arm span and a half of cotton thread and thread it through the ring, finding the midpoint to start.
Adding Seed Beads: Begin adding seed beads (18 galvanized gold recommended) to the thread, using the macrame technique to secure each bead around the ring.
Continue Beading: Keep adding beads, making sure to space them evenly around the ring. After every fourth bead, adjust your working area if needed.
Final Bead Addition: As you reach the end of the ring, ensure the spacing is even and prepare for bezel making without glue.

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