Dragonfly Coin Pendant Tutorial



  • Dragonfly Coin Pendant - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
This beaded Dragonfly Coin Pendant is a great way to wear a larger piece and not let the pendant wear you! Join Marissa as she teaches us step-by-step how to create this earthy, simple, beaded pendant.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Designer's Material List

The designer's suggested colors & materials:
  • Dragonfly Beads - Ivory Travertine Gold Wash, 1 Piece
  • Potomax Channel Ring 30mm - Antique Brass, 1 Piece
  • Potomac Crystal Round 2 mm - Champagne AB, 23 Pieces
  • Czech Round 3mm - Ancient Gold, 23 Pieces
  • Miyuki 11/0 seed beads - Light Met Bronze, less than 1 gram
  • Miyuki 15/0 seed beads - Light Met Bronze, about 1 gram
  • Miyuki 15/0 seed beads - Silver Lined Gold, less than 1 gram
  • Wire Guard (optional), 1 Piece
  • Jump Ring & chain or cord of your choice
  • Clasp of your choice
  • Step-By-Step Instructions

    What’s not to love about a dragonfly surrounded by crystals and pearls? Find out how to create this large Dragonfly Coin Pendant in this PotomacBeads tutorial.
    1.Put a stop bead on the thread and pick up a 15/0. Bring the thread and needle down through a hole in the Potomax channel ring. Add a crystal round, a seed bead and another crystal to the thread. Skip a hole and go back up the next hole in the ring. Add a 15/0 and go back down the same hole catching the crystal underneath. Put on another seed bead and crystal, skip a hole and go back up the next. Repeat around the ring.
    2.Watch the Dragonfly Coin Pendant tutorial with Marissa to see how to complete the design and add the dragonfly pendant.
    3.Decide which way you would like the dragonfly to be positioned and add some seed beads to create a bail for the pendant. Reinforce by threading through the loop a couple more times.
    Using the brass and bronze colors gives this Dragonfly Coin Pendant a nice vintage look. It hangs nicely from a leather strap or chain of your choice.

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