Double Strand Pearl Necklace Tutorial



  • Double Strand Pearl Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Tereza revisits a basic beading technique - stringing pearls - in her latest beading and jewelry making tutorial from PotomacBeads. This is great information if you want to make your own pearl necklace, or fix a piece of family heirloom jewelry.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare the End: Start by threading a knot cover onto the silk cord, tie a knot (or double for security), apply a dab of glue, and let it dry before closing the knot cover.
Stringing Pearls: Slide a pearl down to the knot cover, tie an overhand knot right after the pearl, ensuring it’s tight and close to the pearl.
Continue Knotting: Repeat the process for each pearl, ensuring knots are tight and pearls are evenly spaced.
Adjusting Length and Straightness: After stringing, adjust the strand by pulling gently to ensure the length is even and the pearls lie straight.
Finishing the Necklace: Repeat the process for the second strand, ensuring both strands are of equal length. Finish by attaching knot covers and clasps to both ends.
Final Touches: Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the necklace fits perfectly. Trim any excess cord and ensure all components are securely fastened.

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