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  • Tri Halo Earrings - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Think your new Halo® Beads for Diamonds can only be used with diamond shapes? Think again. Think outside the box. Allie uses Potomac Crystal Rounds 2mm and Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 inside and around to create these unique Tri Halo Earrings. Gather your materials and come create with us!!

Materials Used To make The  Project

Designer's Material List

The designer's suggested colors & materials:
Halo Diamond - Antique Silver, 6 Beads
Potomac Crystal Round 2mm - Montana AB, 12 Beads
Miyuki Seed Bead 15/0 - Gunmetal, ~ 1 Gram
Wire Guards - Silver Plated, 1 Pair
Earwires - Stainless Steel Leverbacks, 1 Pair

Step-By-Step Instructions

These earrings are easy to make and only require a few supplies. The open design with the crystals and metallic beads give these Tri Halo Earrings a light shimmery look.
Using a size 12 needle, put a stop bead on the thread leaving about a two inch tail. Thread through one of the diamond halos, pick up a 15/0 a crystal and another 15/0 and sew laterally through the next hole in the halo to place them in the middle. Repeat once more.
Watch the Tri Halo Earrings tutorial with Allie to see how to attach the the third halo and decorate the outside of the project.
Reinforce the exterior edge by sewing back through all the beads. Bring the thread back to the stop bead and tie the edges together and burn them flush. Put on the earwire.
This is a great project for beginners, or for anyone who wants to create a quick and easy piece of jewelry. Tri Halo Earrings are the perfect little project for when you want to experiment with different colors. You can create new looks by simply changing up the colors of the beads. PotomacBeads has got everything you need to get started.

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