Crystallized Earrings Tutorial



  • Crystallized Earrings- DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Breathtaking. Jaw Dropping. Absolutely Stunning. Tereza from PotomacBeads Europe is eager to share these dazzling Crystallized Earrings. She surrounds a Potomac Crystal Square with an intricate weave of EVA Beads, Potomac Crystal Bicones, RounDuo® Minis, Miyuki Tila Beads, and Seed Beads. Each bead is perfectly placed for a look that feels vintage and posh.

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Designer's Material List

The Designer's suggested colors and materials:
  • Potomac Crystal Squares 14mm - Siam, ~2 Pieces
  • EVA® Beads - Crystal Labrador Full, ~16 Pieces
  • Potomac Crystal Bicones 3mm - Crystal AB, ~16 Pieces
  • RounDuo® Mini Beads - White Shimmer, ~8 Pieces
  • Potomac Crystal Chaton SS8 - Siam, ~2 Pieces (Optional)
  • Miyuki Tila Beads - Crystal Vitrail, ~16 Pieces
  • Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 - Crystal Labrador Full, ~2 Gram
  • Miyuki Seed Beads 11/0 - Gilt Lined Opal, ~1 Gram
  • Flower Earring Post - Antique Silver Plated, ~1 Pair
  • Jump Ring - Silver Plated, ~2 Pieces
  • Step-By-Step Instructions

    PotomacBeads is excited to share these sparkling Crystallized Earrings. Each bead is perfectly placed for a classic, chic look. Using about 3 feet of thread go through an EVA, making sure the tip is facing away from you. Add a seed bead, a RounDuo mini and another seed bead. Bring the thread up through the second hole in the EVA and pull. Thread on a Tila. Repeat the pattern 4 times making sure the Tilas are facing the same direction Watch the Crystallized Earring Tutorial with Tereza and she will lead you through the steps to make these beautiful crystal earrings. You can personalize the earrings to leave as the pendant or add a tassel or charm to the bottom to make a dangling earring. Check out our matching crystallized bracelet! These magnificent crystallized earrings are easy to make and add a touch of class. You can find all the supplies you need at PotomacBeads. Making your own earrings is a great way to save money and get exactly the look you want. With a little time and effort, you can create beautiful earrings that will be the envy of all your friends.

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