Basic of Pearl Knotting



  • The Basics of Pearl Knotting - Better Beaders Episode by PotomacBeads
Want to improve your knotting technique?!? In Better Beaders Episode 150, Allie shows how to use a beading awl when working on a pearl knotting project. However, this same technique is a useful tool for designing with various materials such as leather, cotton cord, silk cord, waxed linen cord, etc.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Preparing the Cord: Choose your cord (e.g., silk, dragon cord) and thread it through a wire guard, leaving enough thread for knotting.
Starting the Knot: Determine if your bead can fit through both threads. If not, tie an overhand knot after placing the bead close to the wire guard using a beading awl for precision.
Adding Beads: Add one bead at a time, tying a knot after each bead. Use the beading awl to push the knot close to the bead for a tight finish.
Finishing the Piece: When all beads are added, attach the other end to a wire guard as you started, securing the final knot underneath the guard.
If necessary, feed the thread back through the last bead to hide it or add a dab of glue for security.

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