Is Netting Peyote Stitch?



  • Is Beaded Netting Peyote Stitch? - Better Beader Episode by PotomacBeads
Is netting stitch just an extension of peyote stitch? In Better Beader Episode 110, Allie unlocks the answer. Be sure not to miss out on Allie's thoughts and then be sure to leave your argument in the comments below! Remember there is no right or wrong answer, it is based on what you as a beader believe is the correct answer.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Introduction to Netting and Peyote Stitch: Understand the concept that netting stitch may actually be an extension of the peyote stitch, a revelation that aims to simplify the approach to netting designs. Starting with Peyote Stitch: Begin with a tubular peyote stitch using 8/0 size beads in lava red and 15/0 beads in crystal. The project starts with three rows of peyote stitch, consisting of six beads. Adding the First Row of Peyote: Continue adding beads for your peyote stitch. Remember, peyote stitch involves skipping a bead from the row below and adding a new bead. Expanding into Netting: Transition from peyote to netting by adding rows that include a mix of two 15/0 beads, one 8/0 bead, and then two more 15/0 beads. This creates the foundational structure of netting. Continuing the Pattern: Keep adding to your piece by alternating between adding rows of peyote stitch and expanding them into netting patterns. This method showcases how netting can be seen as an increased form of peyote stitch. Observing the Transformation: As you progress, observe how your work begins to take on a netted appearance, proving the idea that netting is essentially an expansion of the peyote stitch.

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