Freeform Herringbone Bracelet Tutorial



  • Freeform Herringbone Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
The Freeform Herringbone Bracelet is a fun and quick freeform twist on your standard herringbone bracelet using seed beads! Perfect as a starter piece or as a beautiful gift. Technique Learned: Herringbone Stitch

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare Your Materials: Gather all the seed beads and the clasp required for the bracelet.
Start with a Ladder Stitch: Begin the bracelet with a ladder stitch as the foundation for the herringbone pattern.
Initiate the Herringbone Stitch: Add beads in the herringbone pattern, starting with the larger 8/0 seed beads.
Incorporate 15/0 Seed Beads: Add 15/0 seed beads for detail and to enhance the texture of the bracelet.
Attach the Clasp: Securely attach the clasp to one end of the bracelet.
Finish the Bracelet: Weave in the ends of the thread to secure the beads and finish the bracelet.

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