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  • Ball Chain Bracelet- DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
This video tutorial from PotomacBeads teaches you how to make Anna Tonnesen's "Ball Chain" bracelet design. Find a list of materials in the description below..

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

In this PotomacBeads tutorial you will learn how to make Anna Tonnesen's elegant Ball Chain bracelet. This eye-catching piece features pearls for a timeless classic look. Follow along with our step-by-step instructions to create this beautiful bracelet for yourself or a loved one.
1. With a size 10 needle, pick up 5 seed beads of your A color and 2 of your B color. Repeat the pattern three more times. Take the needle back through the first 7 beads to form a loop. Pick up 2 more B colored and go back up through the B colored beads in the loop. Using a ladder stitch, create a band that is 5 sets long. Cross it over the loop and attach it to the B colored beads.
2. Watch the Ball Chain bracelet tutorial with Anna and she will show you how to continue making the pockets and sewing in the Czech pearls to them.
3. Bring the thread through the seed beads at the end of the bracelet a couple times to reinforce and tie into a knot. Cut off the extra thread.
This bracelet uses seed beads and Czech pearls to create a beautiful and unique piece. The seed beads add a lot of interest and texture to the bracelet, and the Czech pearls add a touch of elegance. This bracelet is simple to make and could easily be made into a beautiful necklace.
You'll love the way this bracelet looks and feels, and you'll be able to wear it again and again.

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