5 Minute Luster Necklace Tutorial



  • 5 Minute Luster Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
In this 5 Minute Luster Necklace video, I demonstrate a very simple, easy to make project that is great as a first project for those who are new to jewelry making. This is a 5 minute DIY Project. Technique Learned: Basic Beading The designer's suggested colors & materials:
  • Potomac Crystal Briolette 5x8mm - Garnet AB, 24 Beads
  • Potomac Crystal Briolette 6x12mm - Garnet AB, 25 Beads

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    Materials Used To make The  Project

    Quick Project Steps

    In this PotomacBeads tutorial you will learn how to easily make the 5 minute Luster Necklace using basic beading skills.
    Cut about 22 inches of Beadalon 49 strand wire. Put a crimp tube and clasp onto the end. Bring the wire back through the crimp tube and flatten it with pliers. Trim the end and put on another crimp tube.
    Watch the 5 minute Luster Necklace tutorial to learn some tips and tricks to designing this simple beaded necklace.
    Put on another 2 crimp tubes. Put on the other clasp end and bring the wire back down the second crimp tube and flatten it with pliers. Trim the end. Push the beads to the center of the wire and flatten the 2 crimp tubes to hold them in place.
    Make this beautiful 5 minute Luster Necklace in literally 5 minutes! You’ll love how flashy the crystals are, perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit.

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