Rhythmic Raw Necklace Tutorial



  • Rhythmic RAW Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
This nice Rhythmic RAW Necklace is a project that you can transform and use not just as a necklace but makes it a bracelet, be creative and bring out your inner artist and embellish it, even more, your creativity is your limit!! Technique Learned: Right Angle Weave

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare Your Materials: Gather all beads and the lobster clasp. Cut about 5 feet of beading thread, adding a stop bead at one end.
Start the Weave: Begin with the smallest seed beads (15/0), creating the first unit of the right-angle weave (RAW).
Progress the Pattern: Increase bead size progressively, adding 11/0 and then 8/0 seed beads, following the RAW technique.
Embellish: After completing two sets of RAW with seed beads, start embellishing with amethyst beads, incorporating them into the RAW pattern.
Add Clasp: Finish the piece by attaching a lobster clasp with a loop of seed beads for closure.
Final Touches: Weave in and trim any excess thread to secure the ends.

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