Shiny Beaded Beads Medley Tutorial



  • Shiny Beaded Beads Medley - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Look in your stash of beads, and most likely all the materials you need to make Allie's Shiny Beaded Beads Medley design are there! You'll use Right Angle Weave stitch repeatedly to make a variety of beautiful crystal beads. Once you make just one, you won't want to stop the creative process as you change up the beads or add embellishments to make this beaded bracelet!

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Step 1: Gather all materials, focusing on a mix of larger (6mm) and smaller (2-4mm) beads, including seed beads and memory wire.
Step 2: Begin with the Right Angle Weave (RAW) stitch to create the foundation of the beaded bead.
Step 3: Complete the first beaded bead, ensuring a firm and symmetrical shape.
Step 4: Start another beaded bead, this time introducing embellishments to the RAW base for a unique finish.

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