Making a Multi Strand Necklace Tutorial



  • Making a Multi Strand Necklace - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Simple techniques can make a stunning, trendy design! In this tutorial, Allie teaches us how to create a multi-strand beaded necklace using a variety of beads, gemstones, and Potomax exclusives like the Infinite Clasp and Potomax Halo Beads! Technique Learned: Basic Beading The designer's suggested colors & materials:
  • Blue Magnesite Turquoise Round 8mm, ~20 Beads

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    Materials Used To make The  Project

    Quick Project Steps

    This PotomacBeads tutorial shows you how easy it is Making a Multi-Strand Necklace. Full of tips, tricks and simple stringing techniques, this video will help give you design ideas to create your own beautiful multi-strand necklace.
    1.Decide how you want your necklace to look and select materials that will give you that desired look and style. Gather up some bead stoppers to hold the strands until the end, some wire cutters and some needle nose pliers.
    2.Watch the Making a Multi-Strand Necklace tutorial to see how to put together your necklace and create a chain out of jump rings.
    3.Put the clasp of your choice onto the ends of the chain.
    Get inspired to create with this Making a Multi-Strand Necklace tutorial. Check out PotomacBeads to find any supplies or materials you may need.

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