Picot Trimmed Tila Bracelet Tutorial



  • Make a Picot-Trimmed Tila Bracelet
Picot-trimmed tila bracelet tutorial from PotomacBeads, which uses your choice of Miyuki's Tila beads, and Miyuki's seed beads in this beadweaving pattern.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare a wide-eye needle with 0.006 Wildfire beading thread, leaving a 6-inch tail.
Start by stringing three Tila beads, mixing colors as desired but avoiding identical adjacent colors.
Sew through the beads to form the base of your bracelet, adding a stop bead to secure the end.
Continue adding rows of Tila beads, using a methodical pattern to ensure tight, even placement.
To add the clasp, incorporate 15/0 beads and a lampwork bead, securing with additional 8/0 beads.
For trimming, use a combination of 15/0 beads, teardrops, and 8/0 beads, attaching them along the sides of the Tila beads for decoration.

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