Dropping Tilas Tutorial



  • Make a 'Dropping Tilas' Bracelet
Dropping Tilas class from PotomacBeads. This project (bracelet) uses Miyuki seed beads, Miyuki tilas, and Miyuki drops, plus your choice of beading thread.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Thread your needle with Wildfire beading thread, using two needles at each end.
Start by adding a Miyuki tila bead to the center of your thread, followed by three 11/0 seed beads on one side using one needle.
Pass the other needle through the beads in the opposite direction to secure them atop the tila bead.
Continue adding tila beads and seed beads in this alternating pattern, ensuring to pass through both holes of the tila beads.
Once the desired bracelet length is achieved, begin adding fringe using Miyuki drops. Add a drop by threading a Delica 11/0, a Miyuki drop, and another Delica 11/0 on one side, then secure it by passing through the adjacent tila bead.
Zigzag through the bracelet, adding drops on each side to create a beautiful fringe effect.
Finish by attaching an amethyst bead as the clasp, ensuring your bracelet is secure.

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