Grooviness Bracelet Tutorial



  • Grooviness Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Use Size 11 seed beads and Miyuki Tila beads to create a right angle weave bracelet design that has a groovy feel. Technique learned: Right Angle Weave The designer's suggested colors & materials:
  • Miyuki Tila - Silver Labrador Full, ~ 41 Beads
  • Miyuki Seed Beads - Matte Transparent Root Beer AB 11/0, ~ 1 Gram
  • Miyuki Seed Beads - Lined Light Amethyst AB 11/0, ~ 1 Gram

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    Materials Used To make The  Project

    Quick Project Steps

    In this PotomacBeads tutorial you’ll learn how to use a right angle weave with a twist to create this Grooviness bracelet. Choose your favorite colors of seed beads to compliment your style with this fabulous fashion. Put a stop bead onto 5 feet of size 6 Dragonthread. Pick up a tila bead, add two purple beads and go back through the other hole in the tila bead. Pick up two matte beads and go back up through the tila. Add three beads to the top of the tila by picking up another three matte beads and go back through the same hole of the tila in the opposite direction. Begin the right angle weave by watching the Grooviness bracelet tutorial to see how to create the pattern. Once you have the desired length of bracelet, bring the thread up through the middle of the end. Add the clasp with a seed bead loop. Thread down the sides of the bracelet to give a more squared look to the seed beads. Have fun making this Grooviness bracelet for yourself or others. This pattern could easily be used to make a choker as well. Technique learned: Right Angle Weave Project Length: 7.25"

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