Tiled Tila Bracelet Tutorial



  • Tiled Tila Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Learn Square Stitch to make this diagonal design featuring Miyuki Tila and Miyuki Seed Beads. Create this DIY bracelet tutorial design with easy. Technique learned: Bead Weaving

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Watch this PotomacBeads tutorial to find out how easy it is to create the Tiled Tila Bracelet. The black, silver and gold colors give a bold, stylish look to your wrist. 1. Using about 7 feet of size 8 Dragonthread, string on 18 tila beads, each separated by 3 seed beads in an alternating pattern. When you reach the end, pick up 3 seed beads in the next color of the pattern and sew through the second hole of the tila bead. Square stitch on 3 more seed beads to the side of the same tila. 2. Watch the Tiled Tila Bracelet tutorial to follow along with Allie’s step-by-step directions. 3. After you come out the last row, reinforce the clasp by threading through it again. Hide the knot into the back of the design. Bring the other end of the thread back through the project and tie off and hide the knot. Burn down the loose thread ends throughout with a thread zap. Glue on a Czech cabochon to the clasp. You can make the Tiled Tila bracelet as narrow or wide as you like by adding or taking away the number of rows you bead. Check out the great selection of materials and supplies at PotomacBeads for all of your beading needs. Technique Learned: Bead Weaving

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