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  • Simple Tila Rivoli Bezel - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Make this super simple Tila Rivoli Bezel in no time! With just a couple of materials, you can make an endless amount of earrings, pendants, or bracelets. This design uses 14mm Rivoli Crystal, Tila beads, and just a couple of seed beads. Enjoy this DIY Jewelry Crystal Design. Technique Learned: Beadweaving The designer's suggested colors & materials:

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Have the confidence to bezel a crystal rIvoli using this tutorial from PotomacBeads. This Simple Tila Rivoli Bezel can be completed in just a short time and you’ll be ready to show off your beautiful beaded creation.
1.Using a size 11 needle on .006 beading thread, string on 7 Tilas, each separated by an 11/0 seed bead. Tie them into a loop.
2.Step up into the second hole of the Tila bead and watch the Simple Tila Rivoli Bezel tutorial to follow along with Allie’s easy instructions.
3.Add a wire guard to the project with seed beads, making sure to reinforce it by threading through a couple more times. Bring the needle to the back through the Tila beads. Reinforce the center one more time and tie the thread ends together.
It’s so quick to create this Simple Tila Rivoli Bezel. You can make multiple colors for yourself and give some as beautiful gifts. Check out PotomacBeads for any supplies you may need.
Enjoy using this jewelry-making bead tutorial video to help you become a more creative and happier beader!

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