Egg Hunt Charm Bracelet Tutorial



  • Egg Hunt Charm Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Discover how to create your own Egg Hunt Charm Bracelet with this DIY jewelry-making tutorial. Utilizing oval wood blanks, vibrant Czech glass beads, sparkling Potomac crystals, and essential jewelry findings, you'll learn the art of painting and assembling a unique Easter-themed accessory. Embrace your creativity and craft a piece that combines the beauty of hand-painted egg charms with the elegance of beadwork, all brought together on a delicate silver-plated chain bracelet.

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Painting the Eggs: Begin by painting the oval wood blanks with acrylic paint markers. Apply a base layer and let it dry before adding details such as dots, stripes, or flowers. Coat with permalac for a glossy finish if desired. Creating Loops: Use headpins and round nose pliers to create simple loops for attaching beads and charms to the bracelet. Assembling Beaded Charms: Slide Czech glass beads and crystal bicone beads onto headpins, creating simple loops at the top. Attaching Charms to Bracelet: Open jump rings and attach the painted eggs and beaded charms to the pre-finished chain bracelet, spacing them evenly. Final Assembly: Ensure all charms are securely attached and adjust the placement as necessary. Your Egg Hunt Charm Bracelet is now complete.

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