Havana Pendant Tutorial



  • Havana Pendant - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Dreaming of hot steamy nights and delicious Cuban food? You will be after creating the Havana Pendant! This is a new take on beading with Carrier Beads as Allie from PotomacBeads uses isosceles triangles to create a cover for the large beads. To make this, she uses Miyuki Delicas and Seed Beads in Peyote and Herringbone stitches. Happy Beading! Technique Learned: Herringbone / Peyote

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

Prepare Materials: Gather all beads, thread, and needle as listed.
Start Isosceles Triangle: Using Peyote and Herringbone stitches, begin crafting the triangle with your chosen colors.
Expand the Triangle: Add rows to your triangle, alternating colors according to your design plan.
Complete the Triangle: Finish the triangle with a final row of beads, ensuring the shape is correct.
Assemble the Pendant: Attach the completed triangles to the Carrier Beads, arranging them in a circular pattern.
Final Touches: Add any additional decorations or adjustments to ensure the pendant hangs correctly.

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