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  • Hubble Stitch Crystal Bezel - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Have you been intimidated to bezel a Rivoli? Learn how to Hubble stitch a seed beaded bezel on an 18mm Potomac crystal Rivoli. Using Hubble stitch is a fast and easy way to make sure to get a secure and beautiful bezel. More from Hubble Stitch Creator Melanie De Miguel: Project Length/Size: 1.5" Technique Learned: Hubble Stitch

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

This PotomacBeads tutorial teaches you how to easily bezel a rivoli to make this dazzling Hubble Stitch Rivoli Bezel. Use this brilliant bezel as a stand alone pendant or incorporate it into your own beautiful beaded creations.
1.Put a stop bead onto about 4 feet of size 6 Dragonthread. Using a size 11 needle pick up two 11/0s and an 8/0, sew back up bead number one. Pick up another 8/0 and come down bead number two. This is the first Hubble unit. Repeat the steps to form 12 units.
2.Watch the Hubble Stitch Rivoli Bezel tutorial to see how to create the bezel for the Potomac crystal rivoli.
3.Create a ladder stitch bail using seed beads. Connect it to the back side of the bezel. Reinforce the connection points to strengthen it. Bring the needle down to the starter thread. Take of the stop bead and tie the ends together.
The Hubble Stitch Rivoli Bezel is an attractive piece that you’ll love to wear and show off. It’s an easy way to bezel a crystal so you’ll want to make multiples in different colors to match all your favorite outfits.

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