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Milkweed, Common Tiger, Wanderer-- The Monarch Earrings, appropriately named, by designer Bridgette give us a feeling of wild freedom and adventure! These ornate beauts feature the stunning Halo® for SuperDuo® and SuperDuo® Bead combo that we all love. She nestles a Potomac Crystal Rivoli in the center using Miyuki Seed Beads 15/0 and Potomac Crystal Rounds 2mm, and adds a Tassel for punch.

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Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

PotomacBeads is proud to present another glamorous design by Bridgette, the Monarch Earrings. The crystals add elegance while the tassel adds a playful touch in these whimsical earrings.
To start, put four superduos inside of four halos, thread them on with a crystal in between each. Tie the thread into a knot, pulling the beads together. Burn down the tail end. Thread through the last superduo halo and add five seed beads and go through the next superduo halo. Continue around the circle.
Step up to the second hole of the superduo halo, add a group of three crystals and two superduos. Continue around each of the four points. Pick up five seed beads and thread between the superduos so the seed beads lay over the crystal. Bead around each point. Add in a wireguard and thread your way down to the opposite point, add another wireguard and tassel.
Follow along with the Monarch Earrings tutorial as Bridgette guides you through the process of adding the rivoli crystal into your earring.
Monarch earrings are so fun to make and wear. You'll want to make more monarch jewelry and share it with your friends. PotomacBeads has the best selection of beads and jewelry findings for all your beading projects.

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