Patterned Metal Hubble Stitch Bracelet Tutorial



  • Patterned Metal Hubble Stitch Bracelet - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads
Have you mastered the Hubble stitch by Melanie de Miguel? Time to advance to learning how to do the classic Hubble Stitch in a pattern like this diagonal line bracelet. Add in some metal rondelle beads in the place of another glass bead to turn this simple Hubble Stitch bracelet into a mixed media piece.

Materials Used To make The  Project

Quick Project Steps

If you have not mastered Hubble stitch yet, this video is for you. Hubble stitch is a pattern created by Melanie De Miguel that combines elements of right angle weave and herringbone stitch. The Patterned Hubble Stitch Bracelet shows how to do the stitch in a diagonal pattern and also use metal beads. 1. Cut a piece of DragonThread into a 5 foot piece using your thread burner and then attach a size 10 beading needle onto the end. Add a stop bead and then follow it with three size 8 seed beads. Sew back through bead number one with the needle exiting before bead 2. Add a 4th bead on to your thread and sew through bead 2. 2. Watch the Patterned Metal Hubble Stitch Bracelet to learn how to create a pattern as well as add on additional rows of the stitch. 3. After completing your pattern, add your clasp and make sure to re-inforce the connection point with additional thread passes. The Patterned Metal Hubble Stitch Bracelet allows the beader to create a diagonal striped pattern to advance their Hubble knowledge. Not only can you create new patterns after learning this skill, but you can also use different size seed beads and metal beads, increase or decrease the number of rows for different width and even embellish on top of the bracelet. Project Length: 7.25"

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