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Find everything you need to make amazing high-quality jewelry. With 650+ Patterns, 2,500+ Free Tutorials, and endless premium quality beads & supplies, find everything you need to create beautiful accessories and achieve Beading Happiness!

Kits: Perfect place to start

Start with PotomacBeads' kits that include a printed pattern with a link to the video tutorial, plus all the beads and findings you need to create a unique do-it-yourself piece. It is simple, easy and fun!

Subscriptions: Kits or Treasure Box

Then Best Bead Box Kit Edition & Treasure Edition subscriptions are perfect for you! You'll receive $60 to $120+ worth of being happiness delivered to your door for as low as $29.99 each month!

Advanced Beaders: Video Inspiration & Design Ideas

Browse thousands of FREE video tutorials and find your next bracelet, necklace, pendant, and more! And they're always free! Plus, once you create your handmade pieces, you can gift them, sell them, or keep them. It is up to you!

Printed Patterns:

Over 650 Available

With easy-to-read, clear written instructions and color graphics that show every stage of your project, Potomac Patterns will teach you everything from simple wire-working to more advanced bead weaving techniques.

BeadOnIt Boards:

The Ultimate Beading Tool

Never lose your beads with our BeadOnIt Boards! They are light and portable, perfect for home and travel. Our boards are handcrafted in the United States and come in several size options too!

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"HI guys, I just wanted to thank you for your incredible service! I received the beads I ordered from you so fast. I was so impressed and excited!! Just had to thank you and let you know I will be back. Cheers and stay safe."

PotomacBeader via email

I was instantly hooked with beading. PotomacBeads was right there with beautiful designs, hundreds of hours of YouTube content, and the best and nicest customer service. Being able to sit down with some beads, and be told what to do and how to do it, and end up with something beautiful to show for the time spent is just the perfect counterbalance for the stresses of life.

Thank you all so much for bringing some extra joy and peace into my life! I am so grateful. 💚"

PotomacBeader via Facebook

"I've tried other boxes, but they don't hold a candle to Potomac's Best Bead Box! I received my first box and I must say, you can see the care that went into this box. From the lovely magnetic box that holds all the goodies, down to the patterns and items in the box, I felt like I was opening a gift that was made especially for me. Other boxes that I have tried had the beads wrapped in tissue paper and a list. I had to spend time guessing what items were what as nothing is labeled. PLUS the boxes are similar in price, but only Potomac's screamed quality. I cannot recommend this subscription highly enough!"

PotomacBeader via Instagram

Founded in 2005 from a love of all things jewelry-making, PotomacBeads is a family-owned business located in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Founders Nathan and Allie Buchman travel the world designing new beads, creating stunning free video jewelry-making tutorials on YouTube, and fostering a sense of community with fellow PotomacBeaders through their group for Beading and Jewelry-Making on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitch.

You will always find the highest quality Potomac Exclusives Czech glass beads, Potomac Crystals, premium metal beads, plus all the jewelry-making brands you know and love that allow you to be your best creative self. With the fastest shipping and best customer care team in the industry, you will always feel like family at PotomacBeads!

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