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Creative ways to use charms

Love charms and want to use them more in your designs? Watch Allie from PotomacBeads for tips and tricks on incorporating charms into your designs and how to make your own! Also, we learn squirrels love shopping for beads as much as you do!

Episode Transcript


Charms are a delightful way to add personality and flair to your jewelry designs. In this article, we'll explore multiple creative ways to incorporate charms into your DIY jewelry projects, inspired by the Better Beader episode from Potomac Beads. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced beader, you'll find plenty of ideas and techniques to elevate your charm game.

Materials Needed

  • Assorted charms of your choice
  • Jump rings (various sizes)
  • Headpins or eye pins
  • Necklace chain or cord
  • Bracelet chain or cord
  • Earring findings (hooks, posts, or hoops)
  • Pliers (flat nose, round nose, and wire cutters)
  • Optional: Beads, crystals, or other embellishments

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Select your charms and decide on a theme or color scheme for your project.
  2. Using jump rings, attach charms directly to a necklace or bracelet chain for a simple and classic look.
    • Tip: Mix and match charm sizes and styles for added visual interest.
  3. Create charm clusters by connecting multiple charms with jump rings, then attach the cluster to your jewelry piece.
    • Tip: Vary the chain lengths within the cluster for a layered effect.
  4. Use headpins or eye pins to create custom charm dangles.
    1. Slide a charm onto the pin, followed by beads or crystals if desired.
    2. Create a wrapped loop at the top of the pin using pliers.
    3. Attach the dangle to your jewelry piece using a jump ring.
  5. For a bold statement, create a charm-focused design by attaching multiple charms along the entire length of a necklace or bracelet chain.
  6. Experiment with asymmetry by placing charms off-center or clustering them on one side of your jewelry piece.
  7. Don't forget earrings! Attach charms to earring hooks, posts, or hoops for a charming accent.

Customization Ideas & Inspiration

  • Personalize your charm jewelry by using letter or initial charms to spell out names or meaningful words.
  • Create themed charm collections, such as travel-inspired charms for a wanderlust necklace or nature-inspired charms for a bohemian bracelet.
  • Mix and match metal finishes (gold, silver, rose gold) for a trendy, mixed-metal look.
  • Incorporate birthstone charms or colors for a personalized birthday gift.
  • Use vintage or heirloom charms to create a sentimental, one-of-a-kind piece.


Charms offer endless possibilities for creating unique and meaningful jewelry designs. By following these tips and techniques from the Better Beader episode, you'll be well on your way to crafting charming pieces that showcase your personal style. Don't be afraid to mix, match, and experiment with different charm combinations and placement – the possibilities are endless! Share your charming creations with us in the comments below, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Happy beading!

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