Potomac Bead's exclusive 1-Hole and 2-Hole metal Halo bead

Halo Beads

Halo Beads, exclusive 1-hole and 2-hole metal beads produced by Potomac Beads, are zamak (high quality zinc alloy) metal shapes designed to quickly and easily bezel around 6mm beads. The 1-Hole version of the Halo bead will fit around 6mm gemstones, glass pearls, glass rounds, Czech rounds (druks), pinch beads, bugle beads & many other 6mm curved shapes. The 2-hole version of the Halo bead will fit around the RounTrio, DiscDuo, Honeycomb, 6mm 2-hole Cabochon, Mini Silky, Kheops, Kos, Ios, Brick Bar, Lentil, and a variety of other bead shapes with 2 holes.

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Potomax Halo Beads 1-Hole Gunmetal (50 pack)
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