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Everyday Stud Earrings Tutorial

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These pretty and petite Everyday Stud Earrings are adaptable to any outfit or occasion. A must have for any jewelry collection. Use a Peyote stitch to create a nice, simple design that you can wear everyday.

  1. Pick out some neutral colors of your choice or refer to the designer's suggested colors and materials to begin. String on 24 beads onto the thread and create a loop that will go around the crystals as you bezel them.

  2. Sew a second row of 12 beads around the loop to create a pattern. Watch Allie as she guides you through this project in the Everyday Stud Earrings tutorial video.

  3. Bring your thread back around the project to meet the other end and tie off. Have fun experimenting with new beads and colors.

One of the best things about stud earrings is that you can wear them everyday without feeling like you're over-accessorizing. They add a touch of class and style to any outfit, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just running errands.

TheEveryday Stud Earrings are small and delicate, but they still make a statement. PotomacBeads has a great selection of beads and findings to help you make these beautiful earrings.

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