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Elegant Arachnid Earrings Tutorial

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In this PotomacBeads tutorial, learn how to use a Macrame knotting technique to create these modern, Elegant Arachnid Earrings.  
1. Cut four 5 inch strands of knotting cord and one 7 inch piece. Use a thread burner to burn the ends a tiny bit to prevent fraying. Tie the 5 strands of cord onto the bottom of a rectangular form, keeping the longest strand in the middle.  
2. Watch the Elegant Arachnid Earrings to follow along with Allie as she shows you how to create the macrame earrings. 
3.Add a Potomac pearl to an ear wire and attach to the top of the form for a cute pair of earrings. Or add another length of cording to the form to create a necklace. 
You’ll love the micro macrame look of the Elegant Arachnid Earrings. They’re perfect for fall and the upcoming spooky season. Why not make a pair for a friend?