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Cable Knit Bracelet Tutorial

Toho Seed Beads - PermaFinish Starlight 15/0
4.99 4.99 USD 4.99 Out of Stock
Toho SB PF Starlight 15/0
Arcos par Puca - Pastel Light Brown
6.99 6.99 USD 6.99 Out of Stock
Arcos Par Puca - Pastel Light Brown
Cup Buttons - Crystal Amber (5 pack)
2.99 2.99 USD 2.99 In Stock
Cup Buttons - Crystal Amber (5 pack)
Potomac Crystal Rondelle Beads - Metallic Sky 2x3mm
6.99 6.99 USD 6.99 In Stock
Potomac Crystal Rondelle 2x3mm high-quality crystal beads Potomac Crystal, uniquely manufactured for Potomac Bead Company and coated in the Czech Republic

Find dozens of free tutorials using Potomac Crystal Rondelle 2x3mm on, and hundreds of more Potomac Crystal Rondelle 2x3mm in Setting beading patterns from various designers around the world.

Create fun and unique designs, or couple with the Potomac Crystal Rondelle 2x3mm in Setting for even more fun! Sold by the pack of 200.

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