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Aphrodite Earrings Tutorial

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In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She is often depicted with a crown of flowers and carrying a mirror. The Aphrodite Earrings are inspired by this goddess and are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of love and beauty to their outfit. These earrings are simple and easy to make, and they will add a sweet and cute touch to any outfit. 

  1. Collect your Wave Trios, freshwater pearls and Miyuki seed beads.

  2. Start with a stop bead on the end of about 3' of thread. Follow along with Allie in the Aphrodite Earring tutorial as she shows you how easy this freeform technique is. 

  3. When attaching the earwire it is recommended to open up the loop to the side rather than opening it up straight to keep the shape. 

Aphrodite earrings are a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry. They make a great gift for a special someone, or for yourself! These earrings are so simple to make, and they have the timeless class of pearls.

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